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City hall of Lipari
Filicudi military police:
Emergency Clinic:
Postal office:

Ustica Lines:
800 250 000

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Images of Alicudi
Isola di Alicudi
Arrivo ad Alicudi, il Porto
Tuffi al porto dell'isola
Lungomare zona del  Porto

Alicudi is the ideal island for those who dream of an adventurous vacation in a piece of land constituted nearly exclusively of small paths and steep hiking trails.
The island is the most isolated of the Aeolian Islands, and also rich with fish and extraordinary natural beauty.  It is particularly undeveloped, which provides a unique charm and irresistibility that either attracts or repels visitors.
Only one beach can be reached by foot, the port of Alicudi, the other beaches can be reached only by boat.  A boat tour, undeniable for anyone visiting the Aeolian archipelago, permits you to enjoy the unforgettable sites: clear water and jagged coastline that goes up to over 500 meters of height; a sight of unforgettable magnificence.

Sites of particular interest to tourist are the Scogli Galera, the Sciara dell’Arpa and the highest peak of the mountain, which reaches a height of 675 meters. - where to stay Alicudi:

CASA MULINO affittacamere 090.9889681 - ERICUSA 090.9889902 - Da Rosina bed e breakfast 090.9889937

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