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Panarea was one of the first Aeolian islands to be habited and is also geologically one of the oldest of the archipelago.  The oldest settlement was found in the plateau of Milazzese dating from the mid-Neolithic age (3750 – 3500 A.D.).  In spite of being the smallest of the Aeolian islands (3.4 square kilometres) it is the most densely populated (320 habitants).
The island is subdivided into three zones: S. Pietro, Iditella and Drautto.
S. Pietro, the location of the port, is also the business centre of Panarea, with nearly all of the hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and tourist shops. At S. Pietro one also finds the nightlife of the island, intense and international, from midnight to morning, with vacationers originating from all islands of the archipelago.

Iditelle is situated in the north zone of the island; the population primarily being settled residents, it offers incredible panoramas and a small beach called the Calcara where it is possible to observe diverse phenomena of secondary volcanism underwater.  The coast overlooking the beach of Calcare is an ideal location to admire the eruptions of Stromboli; in the evening it is possible to see and photograph the occasional explosions that occur approximately every 30 to 45 minutes.
Drautto, the name deriving from Drauth a Muslim pirate, is located in the south zone of Panarea.  It offers a splendid beach (the Zimmari is the only beach of sand on the island and is where the turtle “caretta caretta” lays its eggs), the remains of a prehistoric village (in the plateau of Milazzese), and the bay Cala Junco, which is generally acknowledge as the most beautiful bay of the Aeolian archipelago.
The Cala Junco is arranged in such a way that from the exterior it is not possible to see the interior, thus making for one of the most privileged places for excursion in Drauth.  Around Panarea are several small islands, some with dimensions large enough to confuse ancient visitors as to the number of Aeolian Islands, such as Basiluzzo (more than half a square kilometre), Bottaro, Lisca Bianca, and Dattilo. - where to stay in Panarea:

Quartara 090/983027 - La Piazza 090/983154 – 983176 - Cincotta, 090/983014 - Hycesia 090/9883041 - 090/9281658 - Lisca Bianca 090/9883004 - Oasi da Pina 090/983324 - Tesoriero 090/9883098 - 090/983144 - Raya 090/983013 - Girasole 090/983018 - 338/1067910 - 328/8618595 - O Palmo 090/983155 - 090/9284783 - Rodà 090/983006 - 090/983212  - La Terrazza 090/983033 - La Sirena 090/983012  - Bottari 090/983004 – Casa Nonna 090/983004 - Casa Prete 090/983004 - Cincotta Lidia 090/983197 - 090/771403 - O Palmo 090/983155 - 090/9284783 - Panaria 090/983068 - 333/2047705 - Rodà Pasqualina 090/983023 - Tesoriero Giuseppe di Gaetano 090/983004 - Villa Lydia 090/983197 - 090/771403 - b&b Da Luca 333.6753547

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