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Salina City Hall
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Malfa City Hall:
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Coast Guard Office:
090 9843541
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NGI c/o Didyme

Santa Marina di Salina

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Capperi di Salina


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Punta Scario
Postino house

The greenest island in all of the Aeolian archipelago.  Salina's name traces its origins to the salt that was produced in the past in a small lake, now abandoned, in Lingua.
The island of Salina is composed of three autonomous districts: Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni.  Lingua, Pollara, Rinella, Torricella and Val Di Chiesa are fractions of these three districts.  The most beautiful and fascinating beach of the island is located in the bay of Pollara, which is found in the interior of an ancient eroded crater.
In Pollara, it is always possible to see, although from a distance, the house used in the film “Il Postino,” with Philippe Noiret in the part of Pablo Neruda and the unforgettable Massimo Troisi in the part of the mailman. 
Other that for its natural beauty and the house of the “Postino,” the island of Salina is renown for the production of “capperi” and of “malvasia,” a typical wine with a sweet taste and a fruity aroma from raisins, vaguely similar to passito.
Santa Marina and Rinella both have regular ferry and hydrofoil service.  For the adventurous, it is possible to completely unwind in the thick vegetation that characterizes this island.  It is advised to hike to the Fossa Felci, a protected nature reserve, reachable in about 2 hours when parting from the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Terzito di Valdichiese, or from Santa Marina. - where to stay on Salina:

Principe di Salina 090/9844415 - Signum 090/9844222 - Bellavista 090/9843009 - 090/9281558 - La Locanda del Postino 090/9843958 - La Salina Hotel 090/9843441 - Mamma Santina 090/9843054 - Mercanti di Mare 090/9843536 - Principe di Rinella 090/9809308 - Santa Isabel 090/9844018 - L’Ariana 090/9809075 - Punta Scario 090/9844139 - La Marinara 090/9843022 - Punta Barone 090/9843172  - A Cannata 090/9843161 - 0909843172 - Il Delfino 090/9843024 - Il Gambero 090/9843049 - Il Gelso Vacanze 090/9844090 - 339/4447656 - Pittorino Vincenzo 090/9809023 - Stella di Mare 339/7342481 - 347/0633162 - Galletta 090/9809192 - 333/3671706 - Al Cappero 090/9844133 - 090/9843968 - Villa Mariella Pittorino 090/9809419 - 335/459189 - Villino Miraglia 081/5782428 - 320/1503954 - Francesco San Martino 090/9843062 - 090/9281553 - Tre Pini 090/9809155 - 090/9809041 - 090/9809052 - Capo Faro 090/9844330 - 090/9844331 - bed e breakfast da Sabina 090.9843134 - b&b Eoliano 090.9844025

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