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Foto di Tom Pfeiffer

Foto di Tom Pfeiffer

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scoglio Ossidiana
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The island of Stromboli is the last of the Aeolian Archipelago to emerge from the Mediterranean sea.  The island administratively is part of the commune of Lipari; it is 12,6 km across and the only island of the seven Aeolian islands to have a constantly active volcano. As with the other Aeolian Island, Stromboli is volcanic in origin, Strombolicchio, a small volcano located about one mile offshore of Stromboil, was the first of the two to emerge.  Stromboli is the most active volcano in Europe and has endured uninterrupted for a millennium. The volcano erupts non-stop, approximately every 30 to 45 minutes, with intense explosions coming from the volcano crater, fluorescent fountains of lapillus and clouds of ash, that usually tumble down “La Sciara.”
The volcano, and its eruptions, are seen by the islanders as a supernatural presence and its vicinity to man has caused the name of “Him.”
The volcanic phenomena at the crater can be observed up close, yet within a safe distance, after a hike of a few hours from the base of the mountain.  The unforgettable spectacle of the volcano, that erupts lava, cloud of gas and emits impressible noise, can also be observed from the sea, preferable during the evening.  The island, with its active volcano attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists.  The volcano is constantly monitored to avoid any injury of the population.  Stromboli was brought to the main stage in the year 1950 along with Roberto Rossellini in the film “Stromboli land of God,” with the feminine protagonist played by Ingrid Bergman.
Ginostra is certainly the most noted small town of the island, and probably also the most beautiful, and reachable only from the sea. - where to stay on Stromboli:

La Sirenetta Park Hotel 090/986025 - 090/986062 - La Sciara 090/986121 - 090/986004 - Ossidiana 090/986006 - Brasile 090/986008 - Villa Petrusa 090/986045 - Villa Petrusa (Ginostra) 090/9812305 - Miramare 090/986047 - Acquaro Giuseppe 090/986088 - Aquilone Francesco 090/986080 - Barbablù 090/986118 - Casa Limone 090/986047 - Residence 090/986047 - Guadagna Giuseppe 090/986033 - 090/9281271 - Lo Schiavo Mario 090/9812880 - Utano Casa del Sole 090/986017 - Solemare 090/986191 - 333/507253 - A&S 090/986182 - 339/2066158 - Cincotta Stefano 090/986252 - La Lampara 090/986409 - Luna Rossa (Ginostra) 090/9812305 - Giardino Segreto 090/986211 - Ginostra 090/9811787 - 338/0426790 - Mandanaro Caterina 090/986028 - 090/986003 - Scibilia Vincenzina 090/986127 - 349/383508

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