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Volcano Island

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Images of Volcano
Volcano island
one of the beach, hot water
the volcano
island, panoramic view

Vulcano (Hierà), is the closet island to Sicily, 12 miles from the Cape of Milazzo.  Separating Vulcano from Lipari is a small channel less than a mile wide.  The island of Vulcano, the name derived from a Roman God, is composed of the volcanoes Lentia, Piano, Vulcanello and Fossa (the most active of the four).  The island is characterized by perennial manifestations of volcanic nature.  Tourist that travel to Vulcano also have the opportunity to enjoy the hot mud baths and the underwater hot water smokers, used principally to cure rheumatism and skin problems.  The characteristic odour of Sulphur,  which is also useful for inhalation problems, is even more intense when afforded the opportunity of an unforgettable excursion to the Crater of Fossa, which is encircled with “chimneys” putting forth sulphur vapours that drift down the mountain slope.
The beach Fumarole, where you can take a dip in hot water, and the beach Nere, are highly recommended for visitors to the island.  Furthermore, one can not pass the opportunity for an excursion to the crater of Vulcano, to the valley of Mostri, to the Grotto Cavallo and to the swimming pool of Venere, the last two are easily reached with a rental boat. - where to stay on Vulcano:

Therasia Resort 090/9852555 –  Eros hotel 090/9852265 –  Les Sables Noirs 090/9850 pbx –  Al Togo 090/9852128 – Conti 090/9852012 - Eolian Hotel 090/9852151 - Garden Vulcano 090/9852025 – Aura 090/9853454 – Mari del Sud 090/9853250 – Orsa Maggiore 090/9852018 – Rojas Bahia  090/9852080 –   Faraglione 090/9852054 - 090/9852180 Torre 090/9852342 -  Buganville 090/9853090 - 335/8432050 - Pensione La Giara 090/9852229 - 333/4370802 – Casa Arcada 347.6497633 - b&b Casa Schmidt 349.6453834 - Maria Tindara 090/9852229 - 333/4370802 – Marturano Antonio 090/9812422 - 090/9852056 - 368/675933 – Muscarà Rosario 090/9852066 - 090/9286754 – Natoli Carmelo 090/9852059 – Residence Lanterna Blu 090/9852178 - Sea Houses Residence 090/9852219 - 090/9852184 - Benedetti Giorgio b&b 090/9852182 - 06/8549045 - 340/4651234

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