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le trasparenze le trasparenze

Aeolian cuisine recipes
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Sicilian cuisine recipes

Sword Fish roll-ups with lemon leaves

Sword Fish roll-ups with lemon leavesMedium difficulty
Time 40 minutes
Ingredients: serves six
800 g. sword fish cut into thin slices
300 g. bread crumbs,
100 g. sheep cheese (pecorino),
100 g. grated parmesan cheese,
a small portion of garlic, oregano, parsley, mint, lemon leaves, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil

In a bowl, combine the bread crumbs, the cheese, a dash of parsley and the diced garlic, half a tablespoon of oregano and a dash of mint.  Add a few tablespoons of oil and mix until the mixture is pliable and completely combined.  Place the slices of fish on a flat surface, fill them with a bit of the mixture, and make them into roll-ups, close with a toothpick.  Add the clean lemon leaves, place the roll-ups on the grill. Season with salt and pepper.  Serve very hot.

recipe from the cuisine of Adelaide Rando ( at Villa La Rosa ) photo 1 |

Pasta with sword fish and mint.

Pasta with sword fish and mintIngredients: serves four
400 g. sword fish cut into cubes
300 g. tomatoes
4 garlic cloves
1/2 cup of white wine
olive oil, salt, pepper, mint leaves

Lightly sauté the garlic cloves with olive oil in a pan.  Add the sword fish and brown.  Add the white wind, salt and pepper.  Add the roughly chopped tomatoes bring and simmer.  Add an abundant portion of fresh mint leaves.  Cook the pasta.  Combine the sauce and the pasta, and serve garnished with fresh mint.

recipe from the cuisine of Emma ( at La Canna )

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